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Hazardous Marine Life

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DAN’s 36-page Hazardous Marine Life booklet is an essential resource for divers. Affecting divers of all experience levels, encounters with hazardous marine life are often unexpected and unavoidable. However, with the proper knowledge and training, divers can minimize risks and effectively handle emergencies caused by contact with marine life. Created from years of experience in handling emergencies, this comprehensive guide covers topics such as envenomations, traumatic injuries suffered while diving, seafood poisonings and more.

This booklet includes hazardous marine life information including:
  • Envenomations
    • Fire Coral
    • Portuguese Man-of War
    • Lionfish
    • Blue-Ringed Octopus
    • Box Jellyfish
    • Cone Snails
  • Traumatic Injuries and Complications
    • Skin Abrasions
    • Stingrays
    • Sea Urchins
  • Seafood Poisonings
    • Ciguatera
    • Scombriod Fish Poisoning
    • Red Tide & Shellfish Poisonings
    • Thermolysis
    • Antivenoms
    • Pressure Immobilization Techniques
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