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Dive Log of the USS Falcon


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This publication is a spiral bound photocopy of the original log of dives made during the U.S.N. operations on the submarine Squalus. Included are: Sibitzky’s 232 foot air dive to successfully attach the bell down haul cable; the dramatic bell runs that saved the surviving crew; the early operational U.S.N. mixed dives; the final recovery dives. Each dive is dated and timed and includes the name of the diver, the task set, the time on the submarine/task, the outcome of the dive, and the typed dive report of the diver complete with the signature of the diver over his typed name and rank. U.S.N. divers Badders, Crandall, McDonald and Mihalowski were awarded the Medal of Honor for their work on the Squalus. Diving operations have been recorded in numerous books for over 60 years. Blow All Ballast, The Rescuer, Mud, Muscles and Miracles, and The Terrible Hours are some. Here are the real facts from the real dives as reported by the real divers. A uunique and historic diving document.
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