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Hauser was part of the Skin Diver magazine team during the latter part of the last century and has written several books on diving, as well as articles for over 25 different magazines. In this book she tells of the adventures in the careers of some of diving’s most influential international leaders and historic figures: Hannes Keller, Jack McKenney, Dick Anderson, Ed Link, Jacques Yves Cousteau, Joe MacInnis, Ron and Valerie Taylor, Carleton Ray, Sylvia Earle, Eugenie Clark, Rodney Fox, Glen Miller, Jean Michel Cousteau, Bob Ballard, John Lilly, Bob Marx, and Chris Newbert. Their adventures cover a wide range of experiences from the great white sharks of Blue Water White Death, to life under the Arctic ice and dredging for gold in California. The book is well illustrated with images from photographers like David Doubilet, Al Giddings, Jack McKenney, Carl Roessler, Ron Taylor, Bob Evans and others.
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