In an emergency, oxygen
first aid can improve outcomes . . .

Are you equipped?

DAN Oxygen Units | ~20 to ~105 minute supply Kits with 20 minutes to approximately 105 minutes of O2 supplies

DAN Oxygen Units | ~20 to ~105 minute supply Delivery options for breathing and nonbreathing divers

DAN Oxygen Units | ~20 to ~105 minute supply Easy-to-carry backpacks or waterproof Pelican® cases

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~ 20 minute O2 supply

Kits without cylinders

Commercial Grade Regulators

Brass core regulators provide O2
for both demand and constant-
flow delivery.

Manually Triggered Ventilators

This upgrade delivers O2 to a
breathing or nonbreathing patient.

~ 53 to 105 minute O2 supply


3 Masks are Included

• Nonrebreather mask
• Oronasal resuscitation mask
• Tru-Fit silicone mask

Waterproof Pelican® Cases

• Custom laser cut interior foam
• Multiple cylinder options