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I am a DAN member and I pay a membership fee - why are gifts needed?
DAN receives funds from three sources: membership fees, product/insurance sales and private support. Though membership fees and product/insurance sales monies provide a large portion of DAN’s operating budget, there are always more needs than these sources can supply. Gifts to DAN help meet needs in the area of research, program support and assistance that otherwise would simply go unmet.

Why are unrestricted gifts so important?
Because an unrestricted gift can be used wherever the need is greatest. A gift to the Research Program must be used to fund that program - even if DAN doesn't have enough funding in the AED Grant Program for a site that more than qualifies for assistance. Unrestricted gifts allow DAN the most flexibility for the most pressing needs.

May I specify how my gift is used?
Absolutely! You may be as general as for Research, or as specific as for the Student Intern Program Fund.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
100%. Because you are making a gift - that is, you are not promised some benefit or thing in exchange for what you give - the IRS permits you to deduct the total amount of your donation. The gift we offer you, or the item we send you in a mailing, falls under the nominal category as defined by the IRS and therefore has no effect on the tax deductible status of your gift. If we should offer you something that will effect your tax deductible status we will let you know in advance of your receipt of the item/service.

What special projects does the unrestricted (general) fund support?
The unrestricted fund has contributed to the success and implementation of virtually every facet of DAN. The largest area of support it has provided to date is in Research - the backbone of DAN information for you, the safe diver.

Can I pay my membership dues when I send my gift?
Yes, and No. Membership dues must be paid separately and directly to Membership Services. However, you can let one of our membership representatives know that you would also like to make a gift to DAN, or you can make a gift online.

How do I make a matching gift?
You don't! Matching gifts are made by employers, not by individual donors. Many companies offer to match the gifts that their employees make to certain not-for-profit institutions and organizations such as universities, non-profits, or funding agencies. If you work for a company with a matching gift program, you provide your employer with information about your gift (usually by calling a toll-free number or filling out a company-produced form) and the company does the rest. If your company's match ratio is 1:1, the company donates $100 to DAN to match the $100 you give. It's a great way to make your gift go farther! Learn more about matching gifts.

Who can send a gift to DAN?
DAN Members and non-members, DAN Business Members, instructors, corporations, organizations, foundations and everyone else is welcome to help support DAN with a gift.

Why do I receive a Spring and a Fall Fundraising Request every year?
We've found that traditionally this is a good way to make contact with DAN Members, to ask them to make a gift to DAN, to get correct address information, and to give them a chance to learn about continuing and new programs. Most members we speak with like to be reminded to make their gifts this way and also appreciate the information and gift we send to them.

We offer several other ways to make gifts, however, besides waiting for your response to the Spring and Fall Fundraisers. At your convenience, you may:

  • make a gift online using your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover Card on our secure server;
  • mail a check, made payable to DAN, to the DAN Office of Development at The Peter B. Bennett Center, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC, 27705.
  • call the DAN Office of Development at 1-800-446-2671 during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET) to discuss your interest;

Feel free to send a message or call for information about making a gift - we'll be happy to help!

Can I make my gift with a credit card?
Yes, gifts can be made online with your credit card using our secure server. You may also make a credit card gift when speaking to a membership services representative, or when you receive a request for gift by mail.

Where should I send a gift?
DAN Office of Development
The Peter B. Bennett Center
6 West Colony Place
Durham, NC 27705

What benefits will I receive from making a planned deferred gift in support of DAN?
Donors of planned deferred gifts can receive a number of financial benefits from their gifts depending on the type of gift made. A bequest under your will or living trust will result in estate tax savings, but not an income tax deduction. If you establish a charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity, you may receive income, capital gains, estate and possibly gift tax savings. In addition, from a trust or gift annuity your named beneficiary will receive income for life or a term of years. These types of gifts allow the donor to "unlock" the appreciation in their assets without having to pay the capital gains tax that would be due if they sold the assets. Your financial commitment will have a direct impact on DAN, allowing you to show your support for the DAN Mission in a very tangible way. We will be happy to work with you so that your gift will be used exactly as you direct. The gift will give you the satisfaction of knowing you have made a significant difference in whatever area or areas are of most importance to you. Your gift will qualify you for membership in the Heritage Society. For more information, contact the DAN Office of Development at +1-919-684-2948 x444/x445 or send a message.

How will making a planned gift help DAN now if the money will not be available for many years to come?
Many friends of DAN are not able, at this point in time, to make a major gift. The reasons are varied; they may still have children in college, planning their own retirements, or building a business, to name only a few. A gift planned to mature at some point later in time allows DAN to move forward, secure in the knowledge that the funds will be available at a future date. For many donors, the planned gift that will mature many years in the future may be larger than any outright gifts they could make over the years.

What are the various types of planned or deferred gifts?
There are several types of planned or deferred gifts, and the one that is most appropriate for you depends on a number of factors. Important aspects to be considered include the size of the gift, the age of the beneficiary(ies), the amount of income needed, and the length of time in income is need. Learn more about Planned Gifts.

Can I make a gift anonymously?
We will be happy to comply with your wishes not to disclose your gift. Please discuss your wishes with the DAN Office of Development by calling +1-919-684-2948, sending a letter, or sending a message.

I want my gift to support multiple areas at DAN. How can I do that?
Gifts to benefit multiple programs can be handled easily. Please discuss your needs with the DAN Office of Development by calling +1-919-684-2948 or sending a message.