DAN Development
Corporate Donor Recognition Program

Become a Corporate Partner Today!Companies supporting DAN provide a valuable source of support for research, education, training, outreach and support programs. DAN is honored to recognize these friends of safe diving through the Corporate Donor Recognition Program.

Any business that gives at least $250 in cumulative annual giving to DAN will be recognized annually as a DAN Donor with the Corporate Donor designation. Annual cumulative giving totals determine the level designation of the donor, and are based on the DAN fiscal year of July 1st through June 30th.

Make a Gift to DAN

Gifts include gifts-in-kind and cash. Services, or other types of proposed gifts, will be considered as offered.

The Corporate Donor assigns a value to its gift, but the gift-in-kind’s value is not noted on the receipt from DAN. The item(s) given are noted as the date of receipt or use of the gift by DAN.

Donor Recognition

  • Listing in Online Donor Directory
    Corporate Donors will be listed in the Online Donor Directory on DAN's website. This listing will include the corporate name, address, phone number and email address. Corporate Donors at the Ambassador and Guardian levels will be linked from DAN to the corporate donor's website as well. DAN "Online Auction Partners" may be linked at the Platinum Friend level.
  • Listing in the DAN Annual Progress Report
    Corporate Donors will be listed by donor level in the DAN Annual Progress Report under the DAN Donors section.
  • Mountable Certificate
    Corporate Donors will receive a mountable certificate indicating its category and level of giving.
  • Use of Corporate Donor Emblem
    A unique DAN Corporate Donor Emblem is available to Corporate Donors that is suitable for use in print or online with requirements/guidelines for use. The Emblem is also available in window decal format.
  • Invitations to Special Events
    An annual reception/event will be held for corporate donors as a group or in conjunction with other groups as appropriate.

DAN reserves the right not to accept gifts, whether monetary or gift-in-kind, that it deems to be inappropriate in type or circumstance.