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Dive Club Donor Program : Recognition

Dive Clubs and their members provide great support to DAN for dive safety. They provide financial support through fundraisers held specifically for DAN and in conjunction with other club activities. They encourage or require DAN membership and insurance for members, especially those going on club dive trips. They also provide valuable information to club members about dive safety and the suggested do’s and don’ts for comfortable diving. Many clubs invite speakers, some from DAN, to provide this information or they place information on their websites and newsletters.

Divers Alert Network is pleased to recognize these dive clubs with the special designation of DAN Dive Club Donor.

To Qualify:

DAN Dive Club Donors are formally established groups of divers that may or may not be associated with a dive store, association, or other business. DAN Dive Club Donors have a board of directors, or officers elected or appointed by their members. A dive club may become a DAN Dive Club Donor simply by asking for the title and fulfilling the following requirements.

In return for the designation of DAN Dive Club Donor, a club:

  • gives at least $100 in cumulative giving to DAN annually;
  • is encouraged to hold an annual fundraiser for DAN;
  • will place DAN on its newsletter mailing list;
  • will provide DAN with current phone numbers, email and web addresses, and other contact information as appropriate annually;
  • agrees to encourage all club members to be DAN Members;
  • will provide DAN with a list of its current officer/director; and
  • may provide DAN with a member roster, including contact information and DAN membership status.

Each DAN Dive Club Donor will have its own DAN Dive Club Number and have the use of the DAN Dive Club Donor emblem.

DAN Dive Club Donor Levels:

  • Bronze DAN Dive Club ($100-$249)
  • Silver DAN Dive Club ($250-$499)
  • Gold DAN Dive Club ($500-$749)
  • Platinum DAN Dive Club ($750-$1,999)
  • Diamond DAN Dive Club ($2,000+)

Benefits of a DAN Dive Club Donor:

  • DAN Dive Club Donor Certificate.
  • DAN Dive Club Donor emblem for use on club website and printed materials.
  • DAN Dive Club event package - includes dive safety information and prizes for fundraising events.
  • DAN Dive Safety Information for club newsletter or website.
  • Listing as a DAN Dive Club Donor in the DAN Development donor section of the DAN website under the appropriate giving level.
  • Chance to participate in possible Diver Day presentations for area/regional clubs; and
  • Opportunity to be a part of periodic promotion to DAN Members about dive clubs.

DAN reserves the right not to accept gifts, whether monetary or gift-in-kind, that it deems to be inappropriate in type or circumstance. Divers Alert Network Development Department, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC 27705. 919-684-2948 ext. 445 or 800-446-2671 ext 445, Fax 919-490-6465

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