Jeff Bozanic Wins 2007 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year Award

11/14/2007 5:16:52 PM
Jeff Bozanic, Ph.D., renowned dive educator, researcher and trainer of numerous diving specialties, has been named the 2007 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year.

In making the announcement before the formal presentation at Seaspace in Houston, DAN President and CEO Dan Orr cited Bozanic’s thousands of hours of volunteer service to help promote Divers Alert Network (DAN).

“Since he became an instructor, originally with the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and other organizations of specialty diving, Jeff has been tireless in his efforts to improve diving safety, especially in the areas of cave diving and techical diving education,” Orr said. “For the past 23 years, he has indeed been an unwavering friend of DAN.”

Bozanic, DAN’s first lifetime member, has actively supported and promoted DAN membership, student membership and insurance; he has written articles and provided photographs for Alert Diver magazine and provided timely technical advice to its editors.

“Jeff has a lengthy résumé, including promotion of cave diving safety and education, promotion of safety and education in scientific diving and the promotion of general diving education,” Orr said. “He is widely published in all these areas, and he is a prolific speaker and instructor in many facets of diving and related safety concerns.”

Since the early 1980s, Bozanic has conducted wide-ranging research, including participation in 23 expeditions and projects ranging from faunal research in the inland and marine caves of Palau to evaluating the reliability of dive regulators and computers in polar waters at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. In addition, as a dive locker technician at McMurdo and Palmer Stations, Antarctica, Bozanic participated in biological, hydrological, ice and pollution research, collecting preliminary data using Doppler monitoring of research divers.

He has penned more than 150 articles, and he has written or provided technical reviews for many magazines and diving textbooks. Notably, he co-authored the Antarctic Scientific Diving Manual and has written chapters for texts for the National Association of Cave Divers (NACD) and National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS).

A certified hyperbaric technician (CHT), Bozanic is also an associate member of the Undersea Hyperbaric and Medical Society. He is an active volunteer for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber in California. While he served as a board member of the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Inc. (IUCRR), Bozanic assisted law enforcement agencies in investigation of underwater accidents, rescue attempts and recoveries.

He has spearheaded the collection and dissemination of data related to technical diving incidents and fatalities. While he provides technical development of underwater equipment and devices, he also offers consultation regarding diving accidents, diving safety and diving equipment failures.

Bozanic is a director of Island Caves Research Center, a nonprofit charitable institution that sponsors scientific investigations in submerged caves in coastal settings. Since 1984, he has operated Next Generation Services Inc., in Huntington Beach, Calif., teaching diving to recreational divers and training divers in entry-level courses through instructor-level courses in basic, advanced and technical diving specialty certification courses.

Among many dive industry commendations, Bozanic has received the NAUI Outstanding and Continuing Service Awards; the Silver Wakulla and Abe Davis Awards for safe cave diving; and the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Award. In 2002, he joined the NAUI Hall of Honor.

He holds doctorate degrees in education and oceanography, an MBA and a master’s degree in environmental education.

Picured: Jeff Bozanic (right), receives his Rolex from Dan Orr.