Career Opportunities

Research Director

Title: Research Director
FLSA: Exempt
Department: Research
Primary Worksite: 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC
Reports to: VP, Mission

Occupational Summary: Work with DAN Scientific Advisory Board to define DAN's research priorities and be responsible for managing DAN's research programs to address those priorities with the main goals of
  • improving the dive safety of recreational divers
  • increasing diver-centricity of diving science research and promoting personalized dive safety strategies

  • Duties/Responsibilities
  • Work with Scientific Advisory Board to identify outstanding issues in dive science
  • Develop annual research plans and budget consistent with the established priorities
  • Design and develop new research projects
  • Provide plan and documentation for project implementation
  • Monitor project progress, and compile annual reports
  • Plan data protection and data tracking
  • Prepare periodic reports and scientific papers
  • Conduct data analysis, and write chapters for diving report
  • Publish in scientific journals
  • Give public presentations in scientific conferences
  • Translate and disseminate scientific findings to diving communities
  • Make educational presentations for the diving public

  • Qualifications/Skills
  • Doctoral-level education with an appropriate research background in diving physiology, diving medicine or other related life sciences
  • Strong project management and organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects in parallel
  • Excellent relationship management skills, with the ability to build and maintain effective partnerships and earn the trust and cooperation of researchers
  • Working knowledge of dive physiology and medicine research
  • Outstanding ability to communicate scientific concepts verbally and in writing for a variety of audiences, including fellow scientists, funders and the public
  • High ethical standards
  • Training in diving physiology or related life science
  • A strong track record of research publications focused on dive safety or the study of human structure and function in diving.

  • Desired Qualifications
  • We seek those candidates with relevant expertise in areas such as physiology of decompression stress, immersion and extreme exposure; primary decompression model development; optimization of decompression procedures; evaluation of decompression models implementation; comparative dive computer effectiveness studies; mechanisms of decompression illness and sources of variability of decompression outcomes. Preference will be given to a candidate with demonstrated leadership and extensive experience in underwater diving science.

  • Posted 4-7-17

    Staff Accountant

    FLSA: Full Time
    Department: Finance
    Primary Worksite: 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC
    Supervisory Responsibilities: None
    Reports to: Controller

    Occupational Summary:
    Responsible for daily bank deposits, iMIS batch integration, sales invoicing, accounts receivable processing and reconciliation, credit card chargeback responses and purchase order receiving and accrued purchases reconciliation.

    Work Performed
  • Prepare daily bank deposits and cash and general ledger journal entries
  • Reconcile and post iMIS batches and integrate into Dynamics
  • Physically take deposits to bank daily
  • Convert orders to invoices and mail to members with balances due or route internally for payment
  • Process Alert Diver, royalty and miscellaneous invoices as needed
  • Collect accounts receivable and research and initiate processing to clear miscellaneous balances and reconcile all accounts receivable accounts
  • Issue biweekly refunds to members , coordinating check processing and correspondence and researching and clearing miscellaneous balances
  • Investigate credit card chargebacks and file responses
  • Research NSF checks and communicate with members and membership department as needed
  • Reconcile credit card terminal receipts to iMIS processing
  • Process purchase order receiving and manage RNI and INR documents as well as reconciling accrued purchases.
  • Perform other duties as assigned incidental to the work described herein

  • Physical Demands: None

  • Associate or bachelors degree in accounting
  • Ability to critically analyze accounting processes and transactions
  • Experience with Dynamics Great Plains Accounting software a plus
  • Good communication skills and willingness to be a team player
  • Scuba industry, nonproift or insurance agency experience a plus

  • Posted 4-5-17

    Research Associate I

    Title: Research Associate I
    FLSA: Non-exempt
    Department: Medical Research
    Primary Worksite: 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC
    Reports to: Director of Injury Monitoring and Prevention

    Occupational Summary: To assist in the organization and conduct of diving safety studies (laboratory, field and survey/surveillance/epidemiological), including data collection, data management, data analysis, and preparing research papers/presentations.

  • Manage study datasets and enter data
  • Assist with analysis of data within approved research projects
  • Assist with writing research papers under supervision of senior researchers
  • Translate results of injury research into safety advice (e.g. magazine articles)
  • Give occasional presentation of results of injury research
  • Coordinate study planning and implementation
  • Maintain tools for project management and data maintenance
  • On-site management of study subjects and procedures
  • Employ study instruments and procedures to collect research data
  • Assist in preparation of documentation for institutional review board (IRB) applications
  • Provide administrative support for IRB operations
  • Maintain compliance with IRB and HIPAA requirements

  • Required Qualifications
  • Bachelor of science degree or higher
  • Knowledge of diving and diving technology
  • Familiar with research techniques
  • Data management skills
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills

  • Desired Qualifications
  • Technical writing experience
  • Familiarity with statistics
  • Scuba diving certification

  • Posted 2-27-2017

    Submit Your Résumé

    If you enjoy working with people and share a passion for scuba diving, we would like to hear from you. To submit a résumé for consideration, please do one of the following:

  • Email it:
  • Fax it: +1-919-493-3456, Attn: HR/Personnel Department.
  • Mail it: HR Department, Divers Alert Network, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC 27705 USA

  • DAN is an Equal Opportunity Employer.