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Imagine there was no DAN.
Who would you call?

In a world without DAN, divers might find themselves on their own with no one to call for help. Consider this: If the shoulder pain that had been bothering you since you surfaced just wouldn’t go away, who would you call? Or if the doctor who examined you was unfamiliar with diving injuries, who would they call? And if the only chamber on the island was closed for repairs, who would arrange your evacuation?

Fortunately, DAN exists, and divers never have to face emergencies alone.

This fall, give to the organization that has been there for divers for 40 years. Help us make a difference in the lives of those who need us. Donate to DAN today.


Enjoy this limited-edition DAN logo T-shirt with your gift of US $100 or more.


We have dive medical staff ready to assist you 24/7/365.
We support chambers that treat divers.
We turn research into industry standards.

With the support of our members, staff, partners and affiliates, our global presence has made the world a safer place to dive.