Coast Guard Approves First Aid and CPR course

5/27/2015 10:06:33 AM

The DAN Diving First Aid for Professional Divers course is now officially approved by the US Coast Guard as meeting the CPR and first aid requirements for captain and mate licenses. The current approval period began December 1st 2014 and remains in effect until December 31st 2016.

“Any applicant who successfully completes the DAN’s First Aid & CPR course will satisfy the following requirements:

  • Elementary First Aid per STCW Code Table A-VI/I-3
  • Elementary First Aid per CFR 11/302(a)(3) and 46 CFR 12.602(a)(3)
  • The First Aid and CPR training requirements of 46 CFR 11.20(i)(l)”

Locate DAN instructors who are qualified to conduct the course through the DAN Online Instructor Directory. Once participants have successfully completed the course DAN will issue a wall certificate.

USCG Approval Letter

USCG Approval Certificate