DAN Publishes Rebreather Forum 3 Proceedings

6/25/2014 10:41:04 AM

Promoting Rebreather Safety for Professional and Recreational Divers

Divers Alert Network has published the Rebreather Forum 3 Proceedings in both print and electronic format that originated from the Rebreather Forum meeting held May 18-20, 2012 at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Two years in the planning and two years in the writing, the 324-page rebreather publication showcases state-of-the-art and science of rebreather diving through the experience and knowledge of some of the world’s leading specialists in education, operations, physiology, medicine and safety. This meeting followed the Rebreather Forum 2 which was held in 1996.

The goal of Rebreather Forum 3 was to positively impact the safety of recreational, professional, and military rebreather divers by sharing latest developments and best practices. Educational sessions took place in seminars that discussed history and evolution, medicine and physiology, business and operations, incidents and their investigation, design and testing, and training and operations. Safety was the key theme and participants were informed about the most common causes of rebreather incidents and fatalities in hopes of reducing their future occurrence. To round out the meeting, participants were able to gain hands-on experience through various pool sessions.

The 11-member, Rebreather Forum organizing committee was comprised of four representatives from DAN that included Dr. Petar Denoble (Vice President, DAN Research), Dr. Neal Pollock (DAN Research Director), Dr. Richard Vann (Professor Emeritus, Duke Anesthesiology) and Dr. Nicholas Bird (DAN Medical Director). Former DAN President, DAN Orr also served on the committee. Other members of the group included Dr. Drew Richardson, Karl Shreeves and Mark Caney of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Michael Lang and Christian McDonald of American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) rounded out the team along with Rosemary Lunn from the Underwater Marketing Company.

“We planned this Forum to introduce divers without rebreather experience to the equipment as well as to assist experienced rebreather divers in refining their skills,” said Dr. Richard Vann, former Vice President of Research, Divers Alert Network. “This was the ideal format to share ideas and listen to some of the world’s most respected experts on rebreather diving,” added Vann.

“DAN was excited to be involved in the Rebreather Forum 3,” said Bill Ziefle, President and CEO, Divers Alert Network. “Publishing the Rebreather Forum 3 proceedings is a significant accomplishment that we and our partners at PADI and AAUS are very pleased to share with the diving community. Rebreather Forum 3 is closely aligned with DAN’s mission to make diving safer. We hope and expect the knowledge gained will help reduce incidents and fatalities among rebreather divers,” added Ziefle.

PDF copies of the complete RF3 Proceedings can be downloaded immediately at no-cost from the DAN website. Print copies are now being sent to participants and will be available in the near-future through a print-on-demand service. More detailed information can be found at the Rebreather Forum 3 website.

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