DAN Donates Oxygen Units To Deserving Partners Through Grant Program

1/3/2014 3:02:42 PM

Bill Hannigan and Stewart Snyder Selected As Program’s Newest Recipients

Durham, NC (December 16, 2013) – Through its Oxygen Grant Program, Divers Alert Network donated an emergency oxygen unit to Bill Hannigan of the Wounded Warrior Project and Stewart Synder of the Handicapped Scuba Association International Training Center of New Jersey at the 2013 DEMA Show.

The mission of DAN’s Oxygen Grant Program is to assist individuals in the DAN America, DAN World, and DAN Brasil regions who have a connection to diving or aquatics demonstrating a genuine need of oxygen resources to foster their relationship and interaction with the dive or aquatics communities. DAN’s goal is well aligned with that of The Wounded Warrior Project which is dedicated to raising awareness and enlisting the public's aid for the benefit of injured service members. This project uses a holistic approach when serving warriors and their families to nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement. Through a high-touch and interactive approach, WWP aims to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history.

“DAN is proud to be able to offer this oxygen grant program to the diving community,” said Bill Ziefle, President and Chief Executive Office, Divers Alert Network. “This initiative is just another way that DAN strives to make diving safer by donating important live-saving equipment to those special individuals or organizations that are passionate about our sport and demonstrate a need,” added Ziefle.

“We are thankful to receive DAN’s generous Oxygen Kit donation and to enjoy their support,” said Stewart Snyder, Course Director for Handicapped Scuba Association International, Training Center of New Jersey. “We have been teaching diving to soldiers for nine years and our program has grown so much and has made a positive difference in the lives of these veterans. We are lucky to be given this Oxygen Kit that will enable us to provide a higher level of safety during training,” added Snyder.

To be considered for the program, applicants must have a connection to diving, demonstrate a real need for the unit, and have at least two people on staff who are current with DAN’s Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course. In addition, candidates must be based in DAN America, World, or Brasil but must not be a federal government organization.

This program is funded entirely through donations and grant applications are reviewed on their own merit. Applicants must attend an Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries Course to be considered for a grant. Grant cycles close the final business day in January, April, July and October and grant requests must be received before 5 p.m. Eastern time on these days to be considered for the respective grant cycle. Grants will be determined by committee decision.

Applications for DAN’s Oxygen Grant Program can be downloaded by visiting the DAN.org website. Upon completion of the application, candidates should mail the completed application with required documentation to: Divers Alert Network, Oxygen Grant Program/Education Department, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC 27705.

About DAN: DAN's mission is to help divers in need of medical emergency assistance and to promote dive safety through research, education, products and diving services. The DAN Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization (Tax ID # 56-1696689) and has grown to become the largest association of recreational scuba divers in the world since its inception in 1980. For more information, explore DAN.org.