Costamed Hospital Cozumel Inaugurates Hyperbaric Chamber Center

11/19/2013 11:36:50 AM

A Preferred Provider of DAN’s Recompression Chamber Network

The Costamed Medical Group opened its new COSTAMED HYPERBARIC CENTER inside the Cozumel Medical Center on November 11, 2013 on the Caribbean island of Cozumel, Mexico. “The initial investment of 10 million pesos establishes our commitment to bringing the latest technology and services to this world class travel destination,” stated Dr. Ricardo Segovia Gasque, President and CEO of Costamed Medical Group.

The new, state-of-the-art hyperbaric center is equipped with a multiplace chamber designed specifically for Costamed that uses the most sophisticated and safest technology available. It is the most advanced hyperbaric facility available throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and beyond. This dual-compartment chamber is certified by ABS Group and PVHO in compliance with international standards. The chamber size (6.5 m length x 2.05 m width) allows up to 10 patients to be managed simultaneously and has a treatment pressure capability of 6 atmospheres of pressure. This unit boasts the latest technology and safety standards in the industry including a triple fire-suppression system and a closed-circuit camera network that monitors and records interior activities. Patients experience a comfortable and spacious environment with a full door walk-in entry which permits the user to enter either standing or in a stretcher or wheelchair. In addition, a full audio-visual entertainment system is available for use during hyperbaric sessions. The modern control panel of the hyperbaric chamber is operated by a team of professional hyperbaric technicians trained and certified in the management and safety of multiplace hyperbaric chambers.

The COSTAMED HYPERBARIC CENTER is supervised by experienced, highly qualified and bilingual medical personnel headed by Dr. Dario Gomez, specialist in Undersea Medicine with advanced fellowship studies in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine in Mexico and Australia. This hyperbaric center in Cozumel is designated as a Preferred Provider in Divers Alert Network’s (DAN) Recompression Chamber Network.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) raises the oxygen partial pressure in tissues by placing the patient in an environment with additional atmospheric pressure and breathing pure oxygen. The patient thus obtains superior oxygen concentrations compared to normal atmospheric conditions. This type of therapy is an important treatment for a variety of diagnoses such as air embolisms, carbon monoxide or cyanide poisoning, gas gangrene, ischemias, decompression sickness, late radiation tissue injury, arterial insufficiencies, intracranial abscesses, soft-tissue necrotizing infections, octeomyelitis, tissue grafts and thermal burns.

With more than 350,000 dives occurring in Cozumel per year, the opening of the Costamed Hyperbaric Center of Excellence, ensures that incidents will be managed using the most modern services and highest safety standards at the patient´s disposal. Cozumel Medical Center and Costamed attest to their mission of providing high quality and affordable medical services for all members of the Cozumel community.

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