Join DAN for a New Round of Real-Time Webinars

2/22/2012 12:01:46 PM

Interactive Seminars are Available to All Divers at No Cost

DAN’s popular program of free interactive webinars features three new lectures this spring, including discussions on hyperbaric treatment, diving on medications, and dealing with marine life injuries. The expanded topic list is in response to an increasing demand for more webinars, as the outreach program launched in 2010 has proven to be extremely popular with dive clubs and individual divers alike.

“The program was developed as a way to expand DAN’s ability to interact with divers and discuss and answer questions on topics of importance to them,” said Marty McCafferty, DAN medical information specialist and webinar coordinator. “The program has certainly exceeded all of our expectations, and the increased demand for new topics shows us divers are really getting a lot out of participating in these sessions.”

The webinars are open to dive clubs, dive groups, medical professionals or anyone else who wants to continue their dive safety education. Available at no cost, the webinars allow participants to join in a presentation given by DAN staff followed by a real-time question-and-answer session. Provided space is available, any diver can register for any scheduled webinar. To take part, the meeting site (or individual) needs only a computer with Internet access and a way to see the screen and hear the presentation.

Upcoming webinars include:

Additional webinars are expected to be scheduled throughout the summer. To stay up to date on the complete schedule, simply visit DAN’s full calendar of upcoming events.

Presentation topics can be chosen by DAN or requested by the event coordinator. Those offered in the past and still available include:

  • Steps to Recognizing DCI
  • Deep Stops and DCI
  • What is DAN?
  • Sinus and Middle Ear Barotrauma
  • How Good is Your Emergency Plan?
  • When the Chamber Isn’t Needed
  • I May Be Bent…..Now What?
  • Diver Fatalities: When Bad Things Happen to Good Divers
  • Are You Really Ready to Dive?

For more information or to invite DAN to speak with your group, please contact Marty McCafferty via email or by phone at (800) 446-2671 ext.286. To participate in an upcoming webinar, simply visit DAN’s calendar of events and register for the webinar of interest to you.

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