DAN Announces Partnership with the University of Pennsylvania

8/11/2010 10:24:01 AM
New Affiliation Another Building Block of DAN’s Multicenter Approach

Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) has once again increased the resources available to assist divers through a new partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Hyperbaric Medicine (UPenn). With 30 years of research-based experience and one of the most comprehensive programs in the nation, UPenn is a leader in advancing hyperbaric oxygen therapy research and treatment.

Part of DAN’s new multicenter approach, the partnership further expands the resource network on which DAN can draw when assisting divers in an emergency. It provides additional support to DAN’s emergency call center as well as physicians and medical professionals with whom to collaborate on cases. UPenn’s status as a premier research facility also opens the door to partnering on several research initiatives, some of which are currently under discussion and in the planning stages.

“We are thrilled to announce this affiliation with the University of Pennsylvania,” said Nick Bird, M.D., chief medical officer for DAN. “UPenn is a world-class hyperbaric facility, and the expertise and resources the staff and faculty bring to our network exponentially increases DAN’s ability to serve divers.”

In addition to emergency resources and medical and research collaboration, the DAN-UPenn partnership also gives DAN additional opportunities to support the education and training of medical personnel.

“One of our goals with our new multicenter approach is to support the education of medical professionals, especially those interested in hyperbaric medicine,” Bird said. “By training medical personnel in hyperbaric medicine, as well as in case management, triage and the evacuation of injured divers, DAN is working to ensure the network upon which divers depend remains viable and available for years to come.”

UPenn joins the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center and the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology as DAN’s multicenter partners.

"The benefits and possibilities of having three partners the caliber of UPenn, UCSD and Duke are incalculable," Bird said. "But one thing is for sure: With these partnerships, DAN has never been stronger, and divers have never had more resources working for them."

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