World-Renowned Photographer and Cinematographer Wes Skiles Dies

7/28/2010 11:06:01 AM
DAN Joins the Dive Industry in Mourning His Loss

The dive industry lost one of its best on July 21, 2010, when photographer and cinematographer Wes Skiles died during a dive off West Palm Beach, Fla. He was 52.

Details of the fatality remain under investigation.

Skiles was as a passionate explorer who captured stunning images on his travels. His work in the realms of both still photography and cinematography is well-known and was shared throughout the years in print and broadcast venues.

“All of us here at DAN® were saddened by the recent tragic loss of Wes Skiles,” said Dan Orr, president of Divers Alert Network®. “Wes was truly an iconic figure representing the best of what our sport and our industry has to offer.”

Though Skiles is gone, his work lives on. A photo taken by Skiles graces the cover of the August issue of National Geographic magazine, and two of his photos will appear in the Summer 2010 issue of Alert Diver, also due out in August.

“Wes’s exploits above and below the water filled us with awe and wonder as he pushed the boundaries of our knowledge and our technology,” Orr said. “His images and tales told us of the beautiful frontiers of this planet. He was truly a man without equal, and his passing leaves a hole in our hearts and our sport that can never be filled. As Wes always loved to say to his audience and his friends, we say, ‘Hey now!’ as we bid him goodbye.”