2012 International Public Safety Diver Conference

DatesOctober 15 2012toOctober 18 2012
LocationTropicana Express Hotel
Laughlin, Nevada
ContactDavid Owens
Phone(800) 423-7791

Join your fellow public safety divers and water rescue specialists at the
IADRS 2012 International Public Safety Diver Conference!

There are lots of good reasons to attend the conference. This year the conference is offering more training opportunities than ever before. One focus of the conference this year will be the ICS system and large scale dive operations. You can also attend DAN seminars and workshops, meet experts in the industry, and visit the DAN booth

DAN Education Training Courses at the Conference:

Dive Medicine For Divers
When you want to know more than just basic first aid techniques, Dive Medicine for Divers is your next step. Ultimately, more knowledge and a better understanding of how our bodies react to the pressures and stresses of diving lead to safer divers as we understand our limitations and the limitations of the situation.
It includes topics not normally addressed in dive training, including fitness to dive, safety planning and basic physical examinations.

Neurological Assessment
From decompression illness to stroke – Neurological Assessment enables you to recognize the presence of neurological deficit and how to effectively communicate your findings with EMS. Course participants will learn how to:
- Conduct a F-A-S-T assessment on a patient
- Determine a patient’s mental function
- Use of motor function screening for neurological injury
- Determine physical location of accute problems
- Gather patient history and record findings in a standardized format

Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries
This program teaches you how to effectively provide emergency oxygen first aid for scuba diving injuries, and it includes the following skills:
- When to suspect a dive injury
- Initial patient assessment using Basic Life Support techniques
- Proper use of emergency oxygen medical equipment
These DAN training courses are being offered at no additional cost to conference attendees. Pre-registration is not required.

DAN Instructor Qualification Course will be offered on Friday, October 19th for a cost of $250.
Pre-registration is required to take part in the IQC.

Registration and Details

Visit the DAN Booth to learn about

Visit the DAN Booth for more information on how DAN is a resource for Public Safety Divers:
  • Continuing Education Opportunities in Diving Emergency Management
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Diving Medical Technician (DMT) certification
  • Free Educational Webinars
  • Emergency Medical Consultation for scuba diving injuries
  • Access to diving medicine physicians in the DAN Referral Network

    It's all waiting for you at the IADRS 2012 International Public Safety Diver Conference.
    We'll see you there!