2012 DAN Recompression Chamber Assistance Program Meeting

DatesJuly 29 2012toAugust 1 2012
LocationHyperbarics International
522 Caribbean Drive
Key Largo, Florida
ContactMatias Nochetto
Phone919-684-2948 ext,235

2012 DAN (RCAP) Meeting
Recompression Chamber Assistance Program

This is a program specifically developed for chamber technicians working at remotely located, under-served recompression chambers within the DAN World and DAN America regions.


"Nuts & Bolts of Chamber Maintenance"
We know how hard it is to run a chamber in remote locations, where a minor technical issue can leave your chamber out of service until somebody can come and fix it. Resources are limited, and the fear that divers will show up needing medical care anytime is not a good feeling. We also know that many times you feel that you can make repairs on your own, but the reality is that you might well hesitate where you do not have formal training and you do not fully understand the engineering behind a hyperbaric chamber design. It is for this reason that DAN has developed this 3 day “Nuts and Bolts of Chamber Maintenance” course, which aims to help keep your facility up and running. Provided there is some solid background on where we can and were we shouldn’t engage, there are many areas where you can do things on your own. The course is primarily a hands-on experience that will give you the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform many of the preventative maintenance tasks and repairs on your own.

"MSCC 2.0" (DAN's Medical Services Call Center Web-based database)
During our Miami Meeting in 2007 we introduced you to the DAN MSCC. This time we will show you our latest iteration: MSCC 2.0 . This will allow you to document all your DAN and DCI cases on the same system the DAN Medics use at our headquarters. You and your doctors will love this!


- Francois Burman, PrEng from DAN Southern Africa
- Eric Schinazi, CHT from Duke University and DAN America
- Matias Nochetto, MD from DAN America

DAN will provide lunch and coffee breaks during the course. Additionally, DAN will cover a wrap up dinner on the 29th for everybody to celebrate our meeting where the living legend Mr. Dick Rutkowski will be our guest of honour. We have no doubt that you will enjoy meeting him and listening to his incredible anecdotes of a lifetime!

NO COST for qualified attendees. DAN America's RCAP Program will sponsor course fees for chamber technicians from remote and underserved chambers within the DAN World and DAN America regions.

Unfortunately, DAN can’t sponsor your flights and accomodations, but there are plenty inexpensive options around. A good option is Marina Del Mar, which is right next door, they provide continental breakfast and their studio has a kitchenette. Dinners will also be on your own, but again, there are many inexpensive options around.

All you need to do is to confirm your desire to attend to RCAP@dan.org before June 1st 2012. Then, show up at Hyperbarics International on August 29th ready to learn, to put hands on tearing things apart (of course, putting them back together is a most desirable skill) and enjoy some good time among friends and peers.
Space will be limited to 20 participants, so the sooner you can lock up your seat, the better.

Since you will already be here in South Florida, we have an additional invitation for your doctor. We would like to invite him to the Science of Wound Care, Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine. This event will be held from August 2nd to August 5th 2012 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Palm Beach, FL (a 2hr drive from Key Largo). This is not a free event, but it will be free of charge for up to one doctor per RCAP facility.

This event is generously sponsored by Ocean Divers and Hyperbarics International. Thank you!