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Michael Steidley was born in Washington D.C. and moved to Southern California at the age of 6. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 1981 with a master of science degree in physical organic chemistry.

Steidley was first introduced to scuba diving in 1968 while he was participating in the Los Angeles County Junior Frogman program. He became certified in 1974 and has been an active diver since. Steidley became a PADI Instructor in 1980 and has continued to actively teach diving since then, celebrating his 33rd year as a diving instructor. He is now an active PADI Course Director. Additionally, Steidley is an active NAUI Instructor and DAN Instructor Examiner. He is also a Visual Cylinder Inspector Instructor Trainer for the Professional Scuba Inspectors Organization and a TDI Instructor Trainer for Semi-Closed Rebreathers, Decompression Procedures, and Extended Range.

Steidley co-authored one of the first books ever written on dive computers entitled Diving with Dive Computers and has co-authored [four] numerous other diving texts. In addition, Steidley has published more than 100 articles about diving and diving equipment in such magazines as Skin Diver, the Undersea Journal, NAUI News, and Discover Diving. He is also an accomplished underwater photographer, with hundreds of published photos and cover shots on magazines.

Steidley currently lives in Winter Garden, Florida, with his wife Rachael. He is the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Corporate Safety Manager. He has four children. His son, Brandon, is a certified diver, and youngest daughter, Madison, just celebrated her seventh birthday and is already an avid competitive swimmer and snorkeler. Their five year old son, Reef, loves the water. In their spare time, the Steidleys study martial arts: Michael tested and was promoted to the rank of Fourth Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in the art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan in January of 2005.