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Internship Program : Project Overview

The Research Internship Program began in 1999 with one intern and has expanded up to a maximum of eight interns during a summer season. In the past five years, 24 interns have collected more than 16,000 dives in dive locations throughout the U.S., Caribbean, and South Pacific.


  • To provide a meaningful opportunity for individual professional development
  • To assist in ongoing research projects
  • To provide interns with an experience in dive safety research (participants receive training in diving physiology and research methodology)
  • To educate the diving public about DAN and research projects


Tasking and obligations of interns are negotiated with mentors. Research interns are typically required to assist in data collection and to complete technical writing and presentation projects. Writing projects will include a review of their experience. The written review may be used in full or part in any DAN publications including Alert Diver, the DAN website, research newsletters and press releases.


The program runs primarily from late May through August, and interns are recruited largely from undergraduate students at colleges and universities across the United States (post-graduate students, students from other countries and periods other than summer will be considered, if appropriate). Following an initial week of training at DAN Headquarters, research interns are placed with host facilities, including DAN, where they will participate in projects matched to their interests and ability. The range may include field, laboratory and/or epidemiological studies. Most research interns work closely with mentor experts to maximize their learning opportunities.

Academic credit may be available for students registered in educational programs while completing the research internship.


DAN will cover room, board and related expenses. Interns will be given a monthly stipend to cover these incurred costs. In turn, interns are required to keep an expense log of all incurred costs and submit these weekly to the internship administrator.

The DAN Research Internship Program is primarily funded from contributions by its generous supporters. The number of participants in the DAN Research Internship Program depends on the amount of funding available for the program that year, all of which comes from donors and supporting dive businesses.

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