DAN Pro Membership
Exclusively for Dive Professionals

Pro Membership

Full professional membership in DAN is reserved for dive professionals who also teach DAN Training Courses to the recreational dive community.

All DAN Instructors and Instructor Trainers are DAN Pro Members. DAN Pro Members can teach DAN dive safety programs and receive the On Board/Oxygen Window quarterly newsletter.

Associate Pro Membership earn a free DAN Membership

Any dive professional is eligible to participate in the DAN Associate Pro Membership program. Simply provide the Customer Service Representative with your professional diving credentials or enter them in the website when you renew your DAN Membership online to begin enjoying the benefits of the program.

DAN knows that dive professionals are the cornerstone of the diving industry. Divers listen to what these leaders tell them to do. Many dive professionals recommend DAN Membership and Insurance to their divers because they know and understand the important services DAN Provides. DAN wants to reward those professionals for doing what they are already doing.

By registering as an Associate Pro Member, you will gain access to a dedicated area on the DAN website especially designed for DAN Instructors and other professional members. This area has information about DAN and DAN programs, as well as teaching tools and presentations to help make you a better diver and dive instructor.

The biggest bonus of registering as an Associate Pro Member, however, is the ability to earn points for sending new members to DAN Training. Want a free DAN Membership for yourself? Earn 10 points and it is yours. Want a free DAN Oxygen Unit? Earn 70 points and you can get one of those too.

Associate Pro Members earn a point for each new DAN Membership they send to DAN. For each one of those new members that also purchases dive accident insurance, the Associate Pro Member earns two points. If that new member purchases the Preferred Insurance Plan, the Associate Pro Member earns three points. You can also earn points by using the Student Membership program, or submitting dive profiles to the Project Dive Exploration research project. To receive the points, the diver must identify you as the referring Pro Member when they join DAN.

Associate Pro Members are also eligible for exclusive Disability Income Insurance.

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