DAN Development
Give By Draft

Thank you for your interest in providing financial support for Divers Alert Network. Your gifts directly support the DAN Mission of research, education, emergency service, training, and outreach for dive safety.

By providing a monthly gift to DAN via the automatic monthly draft of your checking account, you have chosen the easiest method of giving. No more checks to write or credit card bills to pay just a simple draft every month.

Be secure in the knowledge that you are supporting the one non-profit organization solely dedicated to research, education, emergency service, training, and outreach to support and enhance diving safety for all recreational divers. More than a diver, more than a buddy, you are a "diver helping divers."

You have the option of having your gift support DAN currently or in the future. You may give to the Unrestricted (General) Fund that is used to support the functions of DAN as it is most needed. It supports programs in the research, medical, training and other departments of DAN, but never salaries or other employee related expenses.

You may decide to provide for DAN's future through The DAN Endowment. Gifts to The DAN Endowment are never spent, but rather they are invested conservatively for the future of DAN. They can be used to help DAN in a variety of ways, but always to the benefit of divers in the support of the DAN Mission as current gifts are used.

To setup an automatic bank draft gift, please use the Bank Draft Authorization Form. In order to access this form, you must first login to your membership account.