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Gifts In Memory

When someone we respect, know or care about has died we often express our sentiment with a gift in that person’s name. If a diver is a spouse, a friend, a colleague or an individual we know only through reputation, that person is often remembered through a gift to DAN.

Often offered in lieu of flowers, gifts to DAN (or an endowed Named Fund under The DAN Endowment) can have long lasting effects as DAN pursues its mission of enhancing diver health and safety.

Over the past 25 years of DAN the Recompression Chamber Assistance Program, DAN Research Internship Program, The DAN Endowment, AED Matching Grant Program, Diver IDentification System, Project Dive Exploration, and Research, as well as the DAN Unrestricted Fund, have all received support through giving in honor or memory of someone special.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the death of someone dear and would consider honoring their memory with a gift to DAN, please understand that the process is as simple as a phone call or email.

How it works:

  • We need the name of the person to be remembered or honored;
  • We help you decide if a simple gift or a named memorial fund (under The DAN Endowment) best suits your needs and/or expectations;
  • We will offer suggestions for areas of DAN’s nonprofit services that your gift can assist if you are unsure of what is appropriate;
  • We offer wording for announcements;
  • We need an address to send the names of those who give so that you may acknowledge their kindness.
  • We provide a thank-you letter and tax deduction appropriate letter to donors.

Please contact us by email or by phone: 800-446-2671 or 919-684-2948 ext 444 during normal business hours (M-F 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST) for personal assistance.

If you wish to send a memorial gift via Internet now, please click here.


Named Memorial Fund:

A Named Memorial Fund becomes part of The DAN Endowment, is a permanent fund and is governed by the requirements of Named Funds in general and The DAN Endowment in particular.

A named fund carries the name of the individual to be remembered or honored. Some appreciate the idea that the person named will have a permanent remembrance in the endowment fund that provides long term financial support for this unique organization in commitment of scuba diving safety and health. What better way to be remembered as an avid diver, than to have an ongoing impact on DAN.

Named funds may be funded in a number of ways including a planned gift (make the words (planned gift) a hyperlink to the planned giving options section of the DAN website: Planned Gift Options , memorial or honorarium gifts or as an outright gift. When providing life insurance, bequest, or other planned gift to DAN, it is essential to work with us in establishing a gift agreement. This gift agreement sets in writing your intent and guides DAN in utilizing your gift after it is realized. It also provides your heirs with a clear and precise picture of your intent.

The family of an avid diver and strong believer in diver safety established a named fund in his memory recently. It serves as a place to house gifts in memory of their loved one and to establish a permanent memorial in his name for something he believed in. Working with family members, we provided a gift agreement with information about the honoree, the purpose, funding, management, and expectations of this fund under The DAN Endowment.

There are key points to remember when considering establishing a named fund:

  1. Named funds are established under The DAN Endowment and are governed by the policies of The DAN Endowment.
  2. Named funds must have a gift agreement in place before the fund is accepted under The DAN Endowment.
  3. Named fund income may support DAN either as unrestricted or research support.
  4. A minimum of $10,000 must be provided by the donor or donors to the fund within three years of the first realized gift, or the monies in the fund will be placed in either The DAN Endowment Unrestricted or Research funds as appropriate. The name of the fund will no longer be used.
  5. If establishing a named fund as a memorial remember that DAN will not actively solicit for the fund. We will provide guidance and assistance.
  6. Gifts to establish a named fund may be planned, memorial, securities or outright gifts.

For confidential assistance, please contact the DAN Office of Development at +1-919-684-2948 x611 or send a message. If you prefer, we will be pleased to work with your financial advisor or attorney.

DAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Federal ID #56-1696689.

About The DAN Endowment

An endowment is a fund set up to ensure the future growth and maintenance of an organization -- in this case, DAN, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. Money held by the endowment is referred to as the “corpus” of the fund. This money is never spent: it is invested for income and growth. Available income from the corpus may be used to support areas of DAN as needed and / or designated.

It is important to note that not all income from the corpus is considered “available income.” We have a conservative use policy that requires that a minimum of 60 percent of the income be reinvested in the fund to ensure stable long-term growth of the DAN Endowment. Up to 40 percent may be spent to support DAN as designated.

The DAN Endowment helps build in financial security for the organization. While DAN currently does not use the income from the DAN Endowment to support DAN programs, it is important to have a hedge against possible future financial issues. In fact, our current policy is to not spend any of the income until the endowment reaches at least a $1 million corpus. Currently we are half way there. Our goal is to continue to work efficiently and at the same time build a cushion of funding in case of unusual needs of particular programs, DAN departments, or the company as a whole.

The DAN Endowment policies allow for two possible uses of available income generated. The first is restricted to support research -- the core of work needed to continue the DAN Mission of dive safety. The second is to support DAN outreach programs and member services through the use of unrestricted money. This money is essential, because it can be used where the need is greatest.

Gifts In Honor

Gifts in honor of a birthday, marriage, promotion, graduation and for virtually any other reason can be addressed in the same manner as a gift in memory.

Gifts in Honor can be made:
online: www.DAN.org/appeal
by phone: +1-919-684-2948 x611
by mail to: Divers Alert Network
Attn: Development
6 West Colony Place
Durham, NC 27705

Please provide an address for the person you are honoring so that we may acknowledge your kindness in their name.

We provide to you a thank-you letter and tax deduction appropriate letter.