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Diver Blanket/Throw

Diver Blanket/Throw
A special piece of diving for your home, car, beach, boat or wherever you want to bundle up a bit! This Throw comes in four versions: The Dive Flag; Artist Pascal Lecocq created: Corrida, Art by Rogest Created: Whale Shark or Custom created: one specifically manufactured with the picture you supply. The photo can be of your pet, perfect diving picture, wedding or any other occasion. ONLINE PURCHASE ONLY

Proceeds help support the DAN Outreach Programs

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Scuba-Opoly! The 3rd Edition
Scuba-Opoly, Third Edition, is a board game designed for divers and non-divers to have fun and enjoy! The artwork of Rogest gives you beautiful and colorful sea creatures to enjoy while playing - much like diving! This edition of Scuba-Opoly features new sites, new artwork and a new updated box shape! It is square, but features a "normal" size board (it just folds in quarters instead of halves.) The perfect board game for a rainy afternoon, between dives or any other time - divers and those who enjoy the underwater environment are bound to enjoy this game. Give it for a birthday, holiday or just any day.

Proceeds benefit the DAN Research Internship Program