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DAN Services, Inc. is a for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Divers Alert Network (DAN), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. DAN's mission is to provide emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving and aquatic injuries, to work to prevent injuries, and to promote diving and aquatic safety, research and education. DAN Services, Inc. was formed to assist DAN in fulfilling its mission.

As a for-profit subsidiary, DAN Services, Inc. pays taxes and provides additional benefits to its members such as its Insurance Services. These, and other programs, generate income through royalties and licensing agreements that help DAN fund continuing research in recreational dive safety.

DAN Services, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency and Third Party Administrator (TPA) that sells a variety of insurance products to members of Divers Alert Network (DAN) within the United States. It also contracts with other Insurance Companies to provide those insurance products that DAN members have requested.

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